I was born and raised in Europe in a beautiful region of Germany known as its “green heart.” For much of my life, my homeland was divided by the Berlin wall. I lived on the east side of the wall under the control of the Soviet Union. I can still remember the day when the wall fell, and Germany was reunited. I could have never imagined back then that one day I would leave Germany to live and work in the United States as a photographer. My happy place is now with my little family and am a proud Mom of a little boy. 

My first professional experience with photography took place almost thirty years ago in front of the camera as a model. Back then we didn’t live in a digital age and photos were still processed on film. In 1994, I purchased my first camera, a Canon SLR. I was hooked and forever determined to capture as much of the people, places and world around me in photos. To look through the viewfinder gives me a sense of invisibility. I watch how the personality of people develops and catch them right in the moment to show their feelings. Eyes don’t lie, so for me it’s a must to get through a person’s shield and inhibitions to capture spontaneous, on point expressions.  

In 2009, I moved to the United States and settled in Delray Beach, Florida. My fully equipped studio gives me any artistic opportunity to capture you. I also enjoy photographing on-location — in offices or outdoors in many little-known special locations that I have discovered here in south Florida.

Education is very important to distinguish myself from the many photo hobbyists out there. I am fortunate to have had many teachers and mentors who have helped guide me throughout my career. Most recently, I learned from Peter Hurley, one of the best and most recognized headshot photographers in the world. I am a proud member of Peter Hurley's Headshot Crew where I am bound to follow only the best practices and procedures.

Besides headshots, I create fine art portraits of families, kids, expectant moms and models. I also enjoy capturing corporate events, golf outings, weddings and graduations and often donate time to capture charitable events for such worthy causes and organizations as Parkinson’s Foundation, A Prom to Remember and St. Jude. This all provides me a healthy contrast to my studio work.

My expertise lies in bringing out who you are, to capture your beauty and your unique personality. I sincerely love what I do and that can been seen in my work.

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